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Truck repairs

Truck repairs after auto accidents, warranty and post warranty lorry service.

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Lorry repairs

Major repairs of lorries and complete restoration after an auto accident.

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Trailer repairs

Heavy transport trailer repairs and restoration after an auto accident.

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Semitrailer repairs

Repairs of various types cargo transport semitrailers.

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Tank truck repairs

Repairs of food, cement, fuel tank, chemical product and other tanks.

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Axis repairs

Restoration of the broken axis of the vehicle and repairs of the cracks in the axis of the vehicle.

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Straightening of the cabin

Restoration of the vehicle geometry. 

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Straightening of the frame

Straightening of the heavy truck frames and other constructions. 

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Other repairs

Lorry engine repairs, electric installation replacement.

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Isothermal hoods

Manufacturing of isothermal hoods and special purpose vehicles.

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Preparation of the machinery for painting: plastering, priming and painting.

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Rust and paint removal from the hood, cabin surface and other parts.

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