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Lorry repairs

Truck which has on its transmission installed: canopy hood, isothermal hood, refrigerator, tank, crane or other elements, often suffer during an auto accident.

Perform the following works:

  • Technical service and repairs of lorries made in Europe: "MERCEDES-BENZ", "MAN", "SCANIA", "VOLVO", "DAF", "RENAULT", "IVECO" and others;
  • restoration of the frame geometry by using the "JOSAM" equipment;
  • restoration of the cabin geometry;
  • replacement of the cabin;
  • disassembly and assembly works;
  • hood paining;
  • current and major repairs of engines, gear boxes and axles;
  • EBS diagnostics and repairs of the ABS brake system;
  • various welding works;
  • chassis repairs;
  • installation and repairs of the autonomous heaters ("Eberspaher", "Webasto")
  • electro-technical works.



Today "Egmila" PJSC can be proud of the quality of works that it performs. Garage specialists are constantly learning and improving their knowledge in the technical centers of the European truck manufacturers and are able to perform all works according to the manufacturer technology.

  • remote adjustment of damage after an auto accident in the European countries;
  • formation of an estimate on the basis of the pictures sent by the client;
  • towing of the commercial transport from the European countries, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.


New parts made from the quality metal of the required mark, such as "DOMEX" or "HARDOX", as well as the steel "ASI" that is used in the food industry and has a very high corrosion resistance, is used for the vehicle that is being repaired.





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